I don’t really want to sleep. I’d much rather watch a movie or an anime but I have school tomorrow. School is going to be so much of a drag. I won’t even be done with work until 5:30 and even then i’ll have homework to do tomorrow night. ~_~ I’ll have homework to do every night this week except for Thursday night.

I always see pictures of Asuka Langley and to be honest I didn’t like her personality at all. I respect that her character is very well written but I can’t reblog a picture of a character who I deem to be annoying.

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One of the stupidest fucking things is that Ray Rice is getting reinstated into the NFL only after a month of being suspended after hitting his wife but Michael Phelps had a 3 month suspension for smoking weed. V_V Smoking weed in one’s free time does not hurt anybody. As long as an athlete does not take performance enhancing drugs, hurt somebody, or do something else that’s really horrible, people should leave them alone. 

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john oliver is really not fucking around 

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i am just very uncomfortable with the way i am perceived like there’s a disconnect between my actual identity and the identity ppl assume i have and it makes me uncomfortable and stressed out

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What really bothers me is that parents such as my own will only hold value to opinions of adults. Sometime when I was 18 or so years old I remember saying “I beg to differ” to my mother. She said very angrily “Don’t you disrespect me”. The meaning of “I beg to differ” means “to respectfully disagree”. I also hate the mentality that a parent has if a child questions what they just said. It is NOT disrespectful to question a parent. Parents are NOT 100% accurate and it is NOT disrespectful to question something they have said as long as it is done in a respectful manner. 

For this reason I give the up most respect towards teachers and anybody who is willing to admit that they may be wrong. A teacher of mine challenges his classmates to prove him wrong and afterwards he admits to it. He definitely is a scholar at heart and I love people who are like that.

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Another thing that gets me is when a parent simply tells their child that something is bad or not okay without saying why. Asking why isn’t disrespectful, it just means they are a freaking sponge and want to know why instead of being disrespected in the process. The double standard pisses me off. A child will learn and become smarter, learn faster, and may not do bad or terrible things if they understand why something is the way that it is instead of simply being told “because I said so” or “because it is bad”. Children should be told why something is bad and that it hurts people. I really want to have kids one day and do at least 10 times better than my parents did when raising me.

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What really bothers me is that I remember when I was a little kid and me and my dad were looking for a mother’s day gift but I saw a movie I wanted and kept saying I wanted it. I know it was a crappy thing to do but I literally didn’t know any better. Children do not know right, wrong, rude, and other social things until they are taught. What bothers me is that I said something rude and crappy and my father and mother never corrected me. My dad should have told me something like this “Son, I realize you want this movie but it’s your mother’s special day and thinking like that is rude” or something like that. I think that parents should be more understanding, loving, and caring than angry and shitty towards their kids when they literally don’t understand something or are ignorant of things. It’s THEIR job to teach kids, not get angry and act like like their kid is terrible. :/

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